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Meet the Fleet at the Parking Lot Painting Company

why we love our fleet


PLP Co. has continuous and passionate re-investment in the fleet trucks and equipment. We strive to buy or make the best equipment, maintain it, and keep it in the best condition that we can. 

employee input

We love when we receive input from our employees about the composition if the fleet.  This results in the the equipment that they use being completely tailored to their liking. We will buy trucks,  disassemble them and then modify them to fit the needs or liking of our crews and operators.

We have also built a few trucks in house and the designs were created and decided on by the guys using the trucks. We built a Thermo detail unit for one of our Thermo handwork crews that they love. Few striping companies will even consider the input of their employees, so they give them pre-made equipment that doesn’t fit their needs. That is the absolute opposite way that we do it.

top of the line manufacturers

When we buy or order new trucks and equipment, we only work with a select few manufacturers.  PLP Co. will custom design and build everything.

In fact, we just placed an order for a new Grinder/Groover truck that will be a complete “one of one.” It took about 6 months to get the design finalized and the truck is currently in process.  We could have ordered their standard unit and already had it out working, but that is not the way we do it.

We use Hog Technologies from Stuart Florida for our Waterblasting trucks.  They are the best in the industry, and we have four of their trucks.  They have our custom configuration down and our blasters are different than most others.

We use Skip-Line controls for all our timing systems and custom controls.  They are also the best at what they do.

The fleet