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Grooved-In Markings

Parking Lot Painting Company Offers Grooved-In Markings

PLP primarily uses grooved-in markings while working on Interstate projects.  Multiple materials can be grooved-in, depending upon your project requirements and climate.  Some common ones that we use frequently are tape, polyurea, thermoplastic and epoxy. 


One major advantage of using grooved-in markings is to avoid the snowplow, which is important in Pennsylvania and any northern state.  Because the markings are grooved in, the plows won’t affect the reflectivity of the markings.  Additionally, the markings have enhanced reflectivity under water which provides visibility in wet conditions where conventional products do not. 

When installing grooved-in markings, PLP’s effectiveness is second to none.  The experienced teams that take on this work produce high quality work in a short time span.

We are constantly reinvesting in new trucks and new equipment for these common projects.