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PLP Company Offers Parking Lot Painting

This is where PLP started in 1966, with a 2-man crew that striped parking lots in Western Pennsylvania!

Parking lot striping is a great way to improve your commercial property.  Clearly marked pavement is critical when guiding people through your lot.  Drivers might easily pull into undesignated spots and unintentionally drive against the flow of traffic without sufficient markers.

We recommend re-striping once every 2-3 years in PA due to fading.  This fading can be caused by: high traffic, sunlight, heat, weather issues and more.

Our experienced crews can either re-stripe your current parking lot lines or create a brand-new layout plan that is in conformity with local, state, and federal regulations. When you hire PLP, you can rest assured that your new parking lot will look great for years to come since we only use the best materials and paint.

Meet Paul Sr. Who Started It All!