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Parking Lot Painting Company Offers Thermoplastic

We recommend using thermoplastic marks on asphalt because they last longer than paint. These types of markings are used all over Pennsylvania. 

Most typically, the application of “short-line” markings (stop bars, arrows, legends) and “long-line” markings (center lines, edge lines) is accomplished with thermoplastic markings. So, you’ll see these at many intersections and parking lots.

We melt the thermoplastic to a very high temperature and extrude it onto the asphalt. It then “melts” into the surface, creating a strong bond. Because it’s ready in one minute after application, you need to hire a crew that knows exactly what it’s doing. 

PLP is a great choice for thermoplastic application.  We have an extremely experienced and reliable crew.  We also provide them with the best tools available to make the job easy and efficient.